Boy Scout Troop 45
Black Hawk Council * Wetessa District * First United Methodist Church * Savanna, Illinois

Support in our Community is what allows the boys to grow, learn, experience, achieve and excel. Teach the importance of hard work, earning their way and take pride in their community by giving back. Troop 45 wants to dedicate this page to all who have supported our efforts in the Carroll County Community. We can not thank you enough!
A HUGE Thank you to Jodi Seefeldt,
owner of Bear's Drive Inn Thomson, IL

Jodi donated a 2 burner camp stove, 2 pk lp gas, and a griddle to Troop 45. This donation will help turn these young men in to Master Outdoor Chef's!

Along with the above donation Jodi also donated ice cream, cups, sundae topping,straws and hot dogs to aid the Troop in an upcoming fundraisers they will be doing on Aug 9, 2014 during the Savanna Lion's Movie night.Aug 22,2014 at Savanna Shad-fly days and Oct 9, 2014 during the home coming parade. 

Thank you Jodi for your support of Troop 45, You ROCK!
Thank you to Shivers, in Savanna Illinois for your donation of 3 gallons of ice cream in support of Troop 45's Root Beer float's and Sundae fundraisers. Your support of the scouting program is greatly appreciated....