Boy Scout Troop 45
Black Hawk Council * Wetessa District * First United Methodist Church * Savanna, Illinois

Kenneth Bergman 10/9/1944
Robert Cramer 1/21/1957
Loran Brown 4/23/1957
Tom Buck 4/23/1957
William Cramer 1/8/1958
Gary Engaldo 11/1/1966
David Carew 1/23/1967
Thomas Carew 1/23/1967
Dee Jay Cravatta 1/23/1967
Tim Tyler 1970
Mark Weinreich 1979
Brian Shore 1/1/1979
David Weidman 7/7/1983
John Sullivan 7/17/1989
Brian Frerichs 5/26/1990
Michael Griswold 8/11/1990
Brain Robbe 11/30/1992
Thomas Minor 11/10/1996
Jason Lehnhardt 8/12/1997
Eric Purchis 7/25/1998
Casey Bastian 9/29/1998
Ranulfo (Moon) Villalobos 4/13/1999
Donald Lashelle 4/2/2002
Derrick Majors 10/13/2003
Christopher Wolter 2/25/2004
Bruce Wolter 10/2/2006
Adam Whitmer 1/8/2009
Brennan Reusch 1/29/2009
Benjamin Beck 2/12/2009
Aaron Geesey 5/18/2011
Gerald Cavanagh 8/10/2011
Benjamin Rath 3/22/2012
Orion Sedivy 5/27/2015


by Greg Gough

I dreamed of the Eagle,
soaring high above.
Majestic, graceful;
free from its Earthly tether.
its presence...
shadowing and altering reality.
All who see it,
focus upon it.
At times it becomes elusive
as it dances in and out of the sun.
Watch closely,
do not turn away and
miss your chance to share
in its spirit.
The spirit of the Eagle can be found in
each young Scout's eyes.
its presence can be felt
by those close to achieving
Scouting's highest honor.
And its essence
is preserved and cherished
by those known as
Eagle Scouts!
In Dedication to all the young men of Troop 45 who have achieved the highest level in Scouting