Boy Scout Troop 45
Black Hawk Council * Wetessa District * First United Methodist Church * Savanna, Illinois

This Eagle Scout project was created by Orion Sedivy, son of Brandon and Amy (Drye) of Savanna, IL. Orion is 13 years old and has been in Scouts since age 7. Orion chose to do a project that helped the Upper Mississippi River Refuge, because they helped him and his fellow Scouts with many projects from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.
Orion really appreciates all they do for the Scouts and the community. Orion worked with Alan Anderson to determine a good project, which would benefit the Refuge and the community. Orion chose to put a cement pad around the Prickly Pear hiking path kiosk to make it more user friendly.
The next part of the project was the Black Oak Dune overlook. For this part of the project Orion designed a nice walkway path to the overlook and around the informational kiosk. The path is cement stamped like stones and is doe skin colored with charcoal accent. It has tracks of common animals around this area. The tracks are: turkey, deer, raccoon, grey wolf, opossum, bobcat, and eagle.
The Black Oak Dune overlook is open year round, 7 days a week for the community’s enjoyment. It’s a great place to see nature and the magnificent Bald Eagles. It’s a beautiful enjoyable place to go and handicapped accessible. It’s located with in the Savanna Depot Park off highway 84 on Army Depot Road, follow the signs.
Orion would like to thank everyone who helped make this project possible: The Upper Mississippi River Refuge staff and Alan Anderson, M & M concrete: Andy McPeek and Gene Magee, Aaron Sullivan, Troy Adleman, Rich Drye, Greg Drye, Amy (Drye) Sedivy, Brandon Sedivy, Bill Sedivy, Dustin Sedivy, Luka Law, Ray LaFrancois, Dale Davis, Sheila Davis, Jarrett Davis, Layne Marburger, Stephanie Anderson, Colton Anderson, Brennon Anderson, Remington Anderson, and Quality Ready Mix, Morrison, IL