Boy Scout Troop 45
Black Hawk Council * Wetessa District * First United Methodist Church * Savanna, Illinois

Troops 45 & 51 camp at Canyon Camp, and assist in Cub Fun Day held Sept 20th.
Troop 45 - Dutch oven Chuck-wagon
Good Morning...... can't believe we are all before 6 a.m.!!
After a long day assisting the Cub Scouts in; BB guns, Archery, Boulder wall, Gaga ball, Nature, and Dodge Ball it was time for dinner, skits and lots of fun.
Troop 45 dinner; Bacon wrapped chicken and chicken patties
Patiently waiting for dinner
While Troop 51 already having dinner
Troop 45 enjoying conversation and relaxation while waiting for dinner.
Who knew doing dishes was so much fun!.
Saturday Morning, up before the sun. The troops begin preparing breakfasts.
Troop 51 begins cooking their scrambled eggs...
While Troop 45 begins cooking their oatmeal....
Checking radar, looks like rain!